We have a 2400 square foot warehouse where all the magic happens just off the Florida Turnpike in Palm City (Stuart exit).

We’d love you to come by and visit, just call at 772 341 6566 or email at kim@rody.com ahead so we know you are coming.

Here’s the dinnerware process: Kim paints (usually very large) canvases with her beloved fish, turtles and other marine life. These creatures are extracted from their backgrounds using photoshop, and are screen printed on large sheets.

Each image is applied by hand onto blank dinnerware, and then loaded into the kiln and fired at 1500 degrees which takes about 24 hours. When cool, the kiln is unloaded and each piece is carefully inspected; then added to inventory and stacked on shelves where we pick our orders.

Our automated inventory systems lets us know at any time what stock we have on hand and what is committed to orders. We also have alerts in place for low stock.

We have two kilns and fire at least five times a week. When firing, hot air is vented from the bottom of the kiln out a hole in the back of the warehouse. Our second kiln lets us do up to two firings a day when we get real busy, and acts as a backup so we are never “out of commission”.

Our shipping station uses state of the art shipping software allowing us to compare carrier rates and track packages. Our zebra prints thermal labels. We use foam and biodegradable peanuts to carefully wrap the dinnerware and to obtain a high level of non breakage.

We have set up a permanent display of all our products. All we have to do to show off the dinnerware is flick on the lights.

We have a special stretching room for our minis (air conditioned in the summer!)


Our 150 plus images are sorted unstretched in the shelves by product number with minimum quantities available at all times. We stretch them by hand when an order comes in using a compressor powered staple gun.

So, hopefully this gave you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.  Thanks for your interest!